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new to everything
Mon, 02-06-2012 - 3:46pm

hi ya

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The first thing you should do is look at the beginner's guide in the roll call section. I will bump it up for you. TONS of info about EPing.

Are you going hands free? If not, it's a must. You can buy a hands free bra or make one by cutting holes in a sports bra (might work better with smaller boobs, i didn't find the sports bra system to be stable enough). Anytime you can pump while feeding baby is a plus, or while baby (or toddler) is napping. If your toddler takes a good long nap, you can pump right when she goes down, then again close to the end of her nap. Those pumps might only be an hour apart, but that can buy you a little extra time on the other end. So maybe you go 1hr between those, but 4 hrs till your next one after that. It sucks, but if you can also do extra pumps after you toddler goes to bed so she's not needing you, that can help too. So if you did a couple close together in the evening right after your toddler goes to bed that might help you. Is you 2 year old old enough to have a "special job" or something special that you do together while you pump, like read books or watch an educational show together for some mommy and me time? If he or she is just 2 this might be tougher, but if closer to 2.5 it might work. Special books to share for pumping time might be good.

I'll go bump up the beginner's guide now. Hope this helps!