New here... moving from BFing to EPing.

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New here... moving from BFing to EPing.
Mon, 01-03-2011 - 7:25pm

I know most people don't want to EP and may EP with the goal of BFing eventually in mind, but I'm the reverse. My DS is 5 weeks old today and has been diagnosed with a high palate. BFing has been a struggle for us (all on my end, though--bleeding, cracked nipples, mastitis, etc.) and I've finally decided I want to make the transition to EPing from BFing. My nipples are just SO sore from nursing, and there's no real solution for BFing a baby with a high palate... besides waiting it out and hoping the palate changes as the baby grows OR waiting it out and seeing if you "get used to it." I'm not getting used to it.

Has anyone here gone from BFing to EPing? I'm wondering how this transition works. I know initially I'll need to pump every 2 hours round the clock (including at night, correct?). Currently DS only BFs on my right side because the left took longer to heal... but every morning I pump from my left side and get 2-3 ounces from it in 20 minutes. So I have those pumping sessions stored in my fridge/freezer... maybe 12oz total as of right now?

I'd love any help or advice about getting started... I am going to head over to Kellymom now because I have no idea where to even begin in terms of figuring out how much he'll need per day, how to keep up my supply, etc. I figure once I get 2 days' worth of EBM in the fridge/freezer I will make the switch gradually so that soon we'll be at all bottle feeding. Does that sound like it would work??

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Mon, 01-03-2011 - 10:22pm
I think you are on the right truck-pumping every 2-3 hours for 20-25 min ( or 5 min past the last drop) around the clock is what you should be doing for the first 12 weeks to get as much supply in as possible. Then you will see how much milk you make and you can go from there. The pump was much easier on my nipples ( I was still trying to breastfeed for first couple of weeks), and they healed pretty fast once I stopped BFing attempts. I would also suggest getting a hands free bra ( either bying one or making one of your own from a sports bra), getting a few sets of parts, so you are not constantly washing ( and you can also keep your parts in the fridge between some of the pumps). It's also a good idea to feed your LO while pumping, because it keeps them occupied for those 20 min that you pump, and also will help you to get in the nedeed number of pumps.
There is a beginners guide on this board that has all the information you need for EPing, you could try a search option to find it. Good luck and post again if you have more questions!
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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 8:34am


I moved from breastfeeding to expressing when my son was 6 weeks old due to similar issues - sore nipples, bad latch etc. When I started off I got one bottle ahead and then I expressed from both breasts each time baby had a feed (which was generally every 2-3 hours). My supply gradually increased and now I am usually about a day ahead and I'm able to freeze some too (son is now 10 weeks). I have now dropped to about 5 or 6 pumps a day every 4-5 hours - this seems to work for me but everyone is different. I switched straight from breast to bottle and it seemed to work fine.

I did have some formula on standby at the beginning and it doesn't hurt to give baby the odd bottle if you find you are not producing enough at the beginning (or mixed formula & BM) - just make sure you keep up the pumping. It does sound as if you are producing enough though.