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Tue, 05-24-2011 - 12:39am

Hi there.

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Welcome to the board!


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After delivery - ask for a pump and ask to have someone show you how to use it.

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Welcome! When I was in the hospital, I asked for a pump. I tried to nurse my daughter, but wanted to pump also to bring in my milk faster. The LCs were not terribly supportive, telling me I wouldn't get any milk yet so there's no point in pumping at all. BFing didn't work out for us, so I am happy that I ignored them and tried to find resources on the web (especially this board) to help me EP. I think it's wonderful that you're starting to research now, so that you'll be prepared in case you encounter nurses and LCs who are not familiar enough with pumping. The previous posters gave great advice about how often to pump during the first few days.

It might take a few weeks to build your supply, but generally speaking, the more often you pump (especially in the early days), the better. Kudos again for researching now, and here's hoping you a very smooth delivery!


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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 12:49pm
I would have preferred to BF - but I am am EPer for the most part and it works ok now. I did end up pumping some even in the hospital due to an inverted nipple, jaundiced baby etc. Like EMD I basically got nothing for some time. I was lucky to get like 2 cc of colostrum and for weeks couldn't even wet the whole bottom of a bottle with milk. I did end with enough milk eventually. At the hospital they had a pump and equipment to use. I would be sure to check on flange sizes. That was an issue for me and I actually needed smaller (they kept trying to give me bigger ones). I would check into what your hospital has available and if they have LC on call full time. They should hopefully be able to help you out. Good luck and good on you for researching it out. I think EPing is crazy hard - but if it is right for you there is support here!