Thinking about joining you...again

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Thinking about joining you...again
Sat, 11-06-2010 - 7:51pm

Hi ladies!

I was an EPing mommy for my little boy from

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Sun, 11-07-2010 - 12:40am

Welcome back! It sounds like you must have been finishing EPing for your ODS right before I joined the board (in Nov '09). Congratulations on your new little girl, and on her latching! I can imagine it would be difficult to decide whether to switch back to EPing, or continue with BFing. I've been thinking a lot lately about what I'd do in your situation, because DH and I are probably going to start TTC in the next year, so I might be in your shoes. I don't really have any BTDT advice for you. Just wanted to extend a welcome, and say that I think you will be making a good decision either way. :) I can totally understand wanting to feel more comfortable, and after EPing so many months before, and having to pump after BFing anyway, it seems like you might be saving some time by EPing...but on the other hand, there are definite benefits to BFing. I think there are a lot of pros and cons to both sides, but either way, you'll be giving your baby girl BM, and that's what counts.


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