Using frozen milk

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Using frozen milk
Tue, 04-29-2014 - 8:04pm

Hi There-

I have been exclusively pumping since my baby was born 7 weeks ago.  (He doesn't want to latch on.)  I use a double pump and luckily have not had a problem with milk supply.  I have frozen a lot of milk over these weeks (probably 650 ounces) and wonder, should I start to use the frozen milk and immediately freeze the new milk?  I have heard that the milk content changes as the baby grows.  I wonder if I wait until I go back to work to use the older frozen milk will the frozen milk still have the protein/fat he needs?  Thanks for any advice!

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Wed, 04-30-2014 - 11:27am
hi! This is just from my experience. I used to pump and freeze the fresh milk everytime and give my daughter a bag of frozen milk. later on i realized how fast i go through a pack of storage bags and they are expensive! so, what i did, i would pump the milk and sit it on the counter since its good in a room temp for 6-8 hours and give it to my baby on her next feeding. after she eats, i would pump again so she could have it in the next three hours. shes 4 months now and she eats 4 ozs every 3 hours. i pump 6-7 x a day. her last meal is at 9pm and then she goes to bed and sleeps thru the night. the milk i pump at 9 goes to the freezer. her next feeding would be at 6 in the morning so i would get up at 5 and pump. i usually would be so engorged that i could pump 10 ozs int he mornings that way i could give her fresh milk and theres another bottle waiting for her 9am feeding until i pump again. this way, i only use 1-2 storage bags a day and it saves time too since i dont have to warm the milk and stuff i could just stick it in her mouth whenever she gets hungry. lol im not one of those moms that produce tons of milk per session. i only pump 4 ozs sometimes 5 through out the day but i already have about 400 ozs of milk frozen in the freezer with doing this routine for 3 months now
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Wed, 05-07-2014 - 4:25pm

I do believe that freezing milk causes it to lose some antibodies. And yes, I believe that a mother's milk content changes to adapt to a baby's current growth needs. I personally have only given my baby a few bags of frozen milk. I try to give her fresh milk, whether it be at room temperature from the most recent pump session or refrigerated milk warmed up from pump sessions within the last day or so. I have donated quite a bit of my frozen milk informally (although through a milk bank is another option). But I do plan on using any remaining frozen milk when my pumping career is over...whether via a bottle, sippy cup, or on cereal. Even if the quality of the milk is less than the fresh milk and may not match her current growth needs entirely, I feel like it will still be good for her and maybe I will be able to quit pumping early! :) 

Another concern for me is that I believe I have high lipase in my milk. My baby sometimes rejects refridgerated milk that is over 24 hours old. Lipase is an enzyme in milk that in a small number of women can be found in excess and cause the milk to have a bad smell/taste after a period of time (though it is still safe and retains its quality). So I have a feeling that my baby may reject my frozen milk anyways! :( And that is why I avoid giving it to her...because I do not know if I can bear the feeling of knowing that I have 1000 oz. in my freezer that she will not drink! In that case, I will donate it because some babies do not mind the taste. 

I do know that some women regularaly rotate their milk stock. For example, feed baby fresh milk, then alternate with frozen. That way, your stock would never get too old and it would basically match your baby's current growth needs. But for me, that is too much work! :)