Want to buy xtra shields - less washing?

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Want to buy xtra shields - less washing?
Tue, 07-01-2003 - 1:30am
Hi guys,

I "retired" from exclusively pumping for my twins last October when my little guys turned 1. I gave my pump to my sister but have four additional sets of extra pump supplies (shields, filters and membranes) in case anyone would like to buy them. I had five complete sets of pump supplies when I was pumping because I would pump 5 times a day and then put all the bottles/pump accessories in the dishwasher and run it so I never had to wash anything myself. That was a real timesaver with twins! I also have some extra membranes, the little breast shield inserts for smaller nipples, tons of 5 and 9 ounce bottles, screw-on caps and the manual pump supplies if you want them. I've already washed and sterilized everything.

I don't know how much to ask for for these so please tell me what you feel is a fair price.

Please e-mail me at the address below.