Thank you!!

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Thank you!!
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 6:31pm

I've registered only to write this thank you post. :smileyhappy:

I have been eping since week 6 and just made it to 1 year! I got most of the encouragement to continue from reading this forum. Thank you all the information and support!

My story: had to supplement with BM since the beginning (baby was born with low weight, had jaundice, was very sleepy and had poor latch). Around week 4, he started having nipple confusion. We tried to continue on breast for 2 weeks, but I ended up exhausted and depressed. I cried every time my DS refused my breast. Finding out that other people had success on exclusively pumping gave me hope. It is not very common in my country and my doctor warned me I would be able to do it for only a few weeks and would eventually dry.

I had supply issues in the beginning and had to give formula. In this forum, I learned about more milk plus and mother's tea. I also had lots of oatmeal and plenty of water. I also kept close attention on the number of sessions, trying not to skip any. Powerpumping did not give much result unfortunately. After week 10 I watched I huge increase in my supply and was able to freeze some milk. I ended up donating a lot of milk after introducing solids.

Currently I am working on a very slow and comfortable weaning. I was already down to 2 pumps a day since baby was 10 months and now I am progressively increasing the time between the sessions and hoping to reach 1 pump a day in a few days. After that, I plan on pumping for less time until I feel ready to stop completely.


(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. English is not my main language)

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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 8:58pm
Congratulations to you! A year is a big accomplishment!

So glad that this forum was able to help you reach such a big milestone. Enjoy your new-found free time!!