How long is BM good for after warming up?

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How long is BM good for after warming up?
Mon, 08-15-2011 - 11:47pm

My LO eats sporadically. He ALWAYS leave the last 0.5 oz in the bottle. How long is BM good for after being warmed up if

1) BM was frozen and thawed?

2) BM was put in the fridge?

Every drop is so hard earned that I don't want to waste anything, but not if it would make LO sick.

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Tue, 08-16-2011 - 3:16am

I don't have a lot of experience with thawed frozen bm since I feed fresh, but I imagine you wouldn't want to leave it out too long after it's been warmed. Maybe an hour or so? As for just refridgerated bm, I have a lot of experience with that. I just want to say though that this is just my personal experience. I feel like I have broken a lot of guide lines but my daughter has always been fine and I have had no problems. I've warmed up fridge bm, left the remaining amount out for an hour, put it back in the fridge and rewarmed it up again to finish it off. I usually always put it in the fridge immediately, I'm just saying I have accidentally left it out. I would always do a smell check as well. I have also read that if there is something wrong with the milk, the baby should reject it. No personal experience with that though. If your are really worried maybe you could just put .5 of an oz. less? Anyways, just thought I would share my 2 cents.

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Tue, 08-16-2011 - 1:38pm

technically frozen warmed BM youre supposed to use with in an hour. I have broken that rule many times although im a little less apt to do it with frozen. If she doesnt finish a bottle i put it immediately back in the fridge then i re warm for the next bottle. Fresh stuff i do the same... smell or taste it if it smells and tastes fine it is fine. Also the less time its been in the fridge the less likely it is to go bad once warmed. If youre pumping and you think baby will take a bottle with ina

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Wed, 08-17-2011 - 4:03am

I agree with the other two posters about just checking to see if it's bad.

But I'd like to add that you should start smelling and/or tasting your milk when it is fresh and after it has been refrigerated to get an idea of what it smells like normally. To me, my milk smells bad even when I know it is good.

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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 8:35pm

I thought that there was a difference between how long BM was good for if your baby had already drank some from the bottle or not. I may be wrong but I thought that once baby drank from a bottle, bacteria from their mouth enters the bottle and will make the milk spoil quicker than if the milk is in a sterilized bottle that the baby has never drank from. Maybe someone else has information about this????

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Fri, 10-07-2011 - 1:45pm

You are right.

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Mon, 10-10-2011 - 11:09pm

My lacation consultant said you can put a bottle back in the fridge and use it at the next feeding (so no more than 3 hours) if you change the nipple. It is always smart to smell it or taste it too.