Want to use Ziploc freezer bags instead

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Want to use Ziploc freezer bags instead
Sun, 06-26-2011 - 8:13pm

Hi everyone,

I have a heavy supply at 50 plus ounces a day and have been pumping for 6 months now. We have a freezer full of lansinoh bags but they are too expensive for my supply, plus they break!

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Sun, 06-26-2011 - 9:24pm
Some people use the ziploc ones, particularly people who freeze their milk in little one ounce cubes, so I think they are ok. I get nervous about chemicals and stuff too, so I ended up sucking it up and buying the lansinoh ones. My supply wasn't quite as good as yours though, so I probably didn't use as many. I put 10 of them together in a 1.5 gallon ziploc to corral them. You probably have too many for that to work.

Are your lansinoh bags getting dropped? Or do you put more than 6 oz in? I used them for a year and only had 5 leaky bags out of hundreds (rotated stash every 2-3 months), and they were all ones that had fallen out of the freezer onto the floor when someone opened the door, which I know because we marked the bags we dropped due to one incident of thawing one and having milk all over the fridge. Just a thought--maybe you are doing exactly what I did and they are just not working for you.


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Tue, 06-28-2011 - 6:22pm

I used Ziploc freezer bags with my last go around at EPing (just starting out this time so haven't gotten to that point yet). Ziplock saved me a buttload of money! From my experience they held up to 15 oz with no problem. Usually if I put more than that in them though the bottom corners would get tiny tears in them and leak while they were thawing. I just filled them up and layed them flat to freeze then once I had enough I would put the weeks worth in a Walmart bag and tie them up with the weeks date on them which helped a lot when it came time to use them.

Hope they work out for you! I can't wait til I get to the 50+ oz this time around too!