How to increase speed?

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How to increase speed?
Wed, 05-29-2013 - 4:35pm


I've been exclusively pumping since baby was born, nearly 10 weeks now and luckily haven't had to supplement with formula since day 4. All was peachy until a few weeks ago when I tried to cut down from 5 to 4 pumps a day. At that time I could get 8oz in half an hour with a single electric pump (philips) - 15 mins each side. Since cutting down to 4 pumps, the time it takes to get 8oz has gradually increased til it was taking me an hour to get the same volume. After reading the beginner's guide I've realised it's probably unrealistic to try for just 4 pumps a day at this stage, maybe I can try again after 12 weeks but go much slower in the transition. I've been power pumping and pumping every 3 hours or so for the last 2 days to try and get things back to how they were but wondered whether there is anything else I can do to increase the speed of pumping (ie I can get the volume I need so it's not exactly a supply issue, it's just taking too long). I'm in the process of hiring or borrowing a double pump. Will a hospital grade pump make things significantly quicker than a high end personal (eg medela pump in style), and will high end personal be quicker than cheapy ones that I can borrow for free from my local hospital (eg medela mini)?

Thanks for your help!