I'm pumping twice what my baby needs....

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I'm pumping twice what my baby needs....
Thu, 02-14-2013 - 12:17pm

I'm pumping about 8-10 x a day and producing about 60 oz. My baby is drinking about 25 oz. If I continue to pump 8 x a day, will I continue to produce this much?

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Fri, 02-15-2013 - 8:33am

How many weeks PP are you? Yes, if you continue to pump 8x a day then you will continue to overproduce. There are two ways to go with this, try and reduce your supply or freeze your extra milk to donate or to stop pumping early and use your frozen milk.

To reduce your supply start to drop some pumps and record how much your milk is reduced to. Start by dropping one pump for 3 days and if that's not enough continue dropping pumps every three days until you get to a level you are happy with. I also have oversupply and have chosen to donate my milk. So far have donated 432 ounces!


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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 4:33pm
I have heard that you shouldn't attempt to regulate oversupply until 12 weeks pp. Anyone else hearing this? I'm stacking up the freezer stash.