Missed pump sessions

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Missed pump sessions
Sun, 12-05-2010 - 3:45pm
Hi all, maybe some of you could give your opinions on this one, I'm 17weeks pp and pumping exclusively since 13 weeks, I pump 7 times a day and go through the night and get around 17oz in the morning - I get a total of about 48oz and the little man drinks about 42oz. Had a very busy weekend and only fit in 5 pumps yesterday and 4 today, I still have a 48 oz total day so my question is could I drop a pump or two or will this affect my supply in the long run, thank you
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Sun, 12-05-2010 - 7:03pm

Dropping pumps will affect people in different ways. The only way to tell is to do it for a few days and see what happens. My guess is that, since you're past the 12 week mark, your milk supply is fairly established so it wouldn't affect it much. I'm sure the more experienced ladies on the board will have more advice though!

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 8:48am

PP is right. It can take several days before dropping pumps affects your supply, so you might still lose some ounces if you stay at 4 or 5 pumps. Your supply is likely established because you're 13 weeks PP, but some ladies lose ounces when they drop to 4 pumps no matter how long they have been pumping. The only way to know what will happen is to experiment with it. If you lose ounces you can add pumps back in. Congratulations on making it past the 12 week mark, and on your great supply!


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