Has anyone tried BFing at this point?

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Has anyone tried BFing at this point?
Fri, 06-25-2010 - 12:32am
I have been EPing for 5 months this week (yay!) and wonder: Has anyone had success with trying to BF this late in the game? It's probably crazy but perhaps there is someone out there.
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Sat, 06-26-2010 - 12:07am
I tried at 6 months but was not successful.
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Mon, 06-28-2010 - 9:46am
Im BF'ing after
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Mon, 07-05-2010 - 9:51pm

I (and at least 1 other mommy I know from this board) transitioned to BFing at 4 months. It probably took a good three weeks of work. I work outside the home, so every evening after I picked LO up from daycare, I would pump while he had a bottle of BM, then when he was still awake but a little sleepy, I'd put him to the breast to comfort nurse. After about a week I felt good about it I started to put him to the breast before pumping. He ate, so I didn't pump until after he fell asleep. Then one weekend I went "cold turkey" and have been EBFing ever since.

The only complaint I have is the 1 1/2 weeks of sleepless nights I had when we transitioned over. I've always had supply issues and a tendency to fall behind his appetite, so in the beginning he was waking up every 2 hours during the night to eat. Other than that, being able to breastfeed is great - no more washing all that gear, and I feel like I'm spending more time with my baby.

I am so grateful that I EP'ed for those first months though... had I not found this board I'm sure I would have gone mad trying and definitely not made it this far!

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