How do I stop?

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How do I stop?
Fri, 03-18-2011 - 8:54am

Hi all,

Probably sounds like a really stupid question but how do you go from two to one to dropping pumps altogether without running into any difficulties? Bubs is seven and a half months and I've been getting about 28oz off two pumps for 6 weeks now. I don't think I'll give up yet but it's something I wonder about. it seems a huge jump to pump every 12 hrs

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Fri, 03-18-2011 - 11:16am
I'm on the road to weaning too and have been at two pumps for about 1.5 months. I have to say that I had a huge drop when dropped from 3 to 2, and it's been dropping pretty fast since. So from getting about 30 oz's at 3, I'm down to just about 12-13 oz's now. Well, I also have been dieting a little and probably not drinking as much water as I should. So I'm going to stay here for may be another week and I then I'm going to gradually move my night pump as late as I can, and also will slowly cut minutes from that pump (it's 40 min now) and also stop hand expressing at the end. That is just to be on a safe side, but my guess is I could just drop that night pump cold turkey, because the amount of milk I make is so little now. I used to get 17-19 oz's from just my one morning pump, so I figured my body would have no problems holding those 12 oz's.
For you since you produce a lot of milk for 2 pumps, I would think you should cut the minutes from your pumps gradually first (or from one pump you want to drop), and wait till your supply goes down a little. Then when it is down to the amount you think your body can hold with no problems (I guess it is ok if you get a bit engorged at first), then you can go to just pumping once a day. Once you are only pumping once your supply will drop further, and then you can go to only pumping to relieve pressure and hopefully to stopping all together. It might seem like it will be hard now, but I discovered that our bodies are amazingly adjustable. When I first started EPing I had no idea how I'm going to wean with my 60 oz's a day and constant clogs. But here I am now at two pumps and have a further plan, which hopefully will go smoothly :)
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Sun, 04-17-2011 - 11:28pm

I wanted to continue to empty at all pumps in hopes of keeping as much supply as possible at one pump. So....I gradually moved my pumps together. Ex: 9 am -9 pm

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