To quit or not to quit...advice needed!

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To quit or not to quit...advice needed!
Thu, 04-01-2010 - 2:24pm

So I have been EPing for 8 1/2 mos now. I have slowly worked my way down to 2x a day pumping, finally getting rid of the MOTH and MOTD pump.

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Thu, 04-01-2010 - 10:26pm

You said it yourself: "My heart tells me to keep going..." If I were you, I would keep going. There will be many pump-free vacations in the future. And if we had listened to the people who don't get why we are so dedicated, we would all have HUTH a long time ago.

Good luck and way to go--8 1/2 months!

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Fri, 04-02-2010 - 12:26am
I agree, if you know in your heart you won't be happy quitting then don't.
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Sat, 04-03-2010 - 1:56pm
First of all, congrats on making it 8 & 1/2 months! My little guy is 7 & 1/2 and I just wanted to share how I make a decision about pumping. I'm down to pumping 4 times a day and each time I've dropped a pump, I had to be at peace with the decision. For me, that meant that each time I had to make peace with the fact I might lose supply. If I wasn't at peace with that then I would wait a bit longer. Luckily I've been able to maintain and even increase my supply when dropping pumps. It doesn't sound like you are ready so I would wait a bit longer and approach it again! You've done a great job, but you have to be ok with your decision!