quite a few questions!!

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quite a few questions!!
Tue, 01-18-2011 - 8:41pm

I have a lot of questions, so hopefully this won't be too long. : )

First, I have a few questions about starting solids.

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Tue, 01-18-2011 - 9:42pm

My understanding about solids and milk consumption is based on the book Baby 411, What to Expect the First Year, and my pediatrician.


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Thu, 01-20-2011 - 10:22am
I just wanted to say that with your supply now it's likely that you will maintain some supply at 2x also. I was planning to drop to 2x once I'm back at work, but when I started the transition my milk started dropping fast. And I guess I wasn't ready to give my son something else rather then mommy's milk :) so I left 2 40 min sessions-one in the morning before work, and another one once I get home after 6 o'clock. And then I do a shorter pump just before bed, and I think that helped me maintain my supply. The thing is that my son is still drinking at least 30 oz's a day. He has 3 full solid meals most of the time, but when teething or not feeling well, he wants nothing but BM., and then he drinks even more. I think you ladies are lucky your LOs don't drink as much :) I noticed that it's not that common for kids that age (my son is 14 months) to drink that much milk, but he loves it. So that's the reason I still pump 3 times, otherwise I would be at 2x.
At our 1 year appointment our ped told us that with 3 meals a day my son should be having about 20 oz's of milk. So I think you are on the right truck :) if your LO ever wants more you have your freezer stash to supplement.