Which pump would you drop?

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Which pump would you drop?
Sun, 04-03-2011 - 3:11am

I'm exclusively pumping for my 9.5month old DD. At the moment I'm pumping 4 times a day (7am, 1pm, 6pm, 10pm) roughly 20-30 mins a pump and getting about 32oz, DD is taking about 28oz. I'd like to finish up pumping at 12 months.

At the moment I'm thinking of dropping a pump, I'm not sure whether it is better to bring the two daytime pumps together at say 3pm or bring the last two together and pump at 8pm? My output on the last pump at 10pm is the least of the day usually about 5oz, whereas my daytime ones have 7-9oz in each.

I can't afford to drop too much in oz as DD still isn't great on solids so relies on her milk. I also feel I have to thread carefully as I had a bad dose of mastitus when I went from 5 to 4 pumps and I recently suffered with a blocked duct as well so I can't mess about too much!!

My head is melted with trying to figure this out for the best so I would really appreciate hearing what others would do or what others have done with success.

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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 9:30am
I would merge the 2 daytime pumps at 3pm as you suggested. Then you are going 8hrs from 7 to 3, then 7hrs from 3 to 10, then 9 hours from 10 to 7, so pretty even. I found that when I increased my nighttime allowance of pump-free time, my supply did go down an little. I was going 8hrs at night, and when I lengthened to 10, even without dropping a pump I lost a couple of ounces.