Advice on weaning pls :)

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Advice on weaning pls :)
Tue, 02-26-2013 - 7:07pm

My 'lil man turns 1 this Friday, and I want to begin to wean myself off the pump.  I am currently pumping 6X a day for 20 mins each session.  I am prone to clogs, and have had mastisis twice in the begining of my journey.  If anyone could please give me advice on how to drop pumps I would greatly appreciate it.  I am "very" nervous the I will get mastisis if I do it too quickly, but it is time to get rid of the middle of the night  pump for sure.  I have not slept more than 3.5 hrs since Simon has been born, but it has been well worth it because I know what his little body is digusting!  Thank you in advance! 

Cheers :)

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Mon, 03-04-2013 - 9:05am

Hi there,

I can certainly understand your fear.  Mastitis is no fun at all, as you know.  I did a little searching and found some great advice for dropping feedings, etc. It has some great techniques that I hope you'll find helpful as you begin the weaning process.  Hang in there and please let us know how you are doing.

Weaning Techniques-

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