How Do I Drop to 2x/day?

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How Do I Drop to 2x/day?
Mon, 11-09-2009 - 4:38pm


I have been EPing for 13 months and would really like to start weaning from the pump. We would like to start TTC DC #2 in January so I need to stop pumping so I get a cycle, etc. Anyway, how do I drop from 3 pumps/day to 2 pumps/day comfortably? Any suggestions?


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Mon, 11-09-2009 - 5:22pm
I'm just past the12 month mark, and I dropped my afternoon pump this past weekend. It was kind of sore/engorged for a couple of days, but it is getting easier. I'm pumping between 5-6 am and around 8 pm now. Good luck--here's to no clogs for either of us!
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Mon, 11-09-2009 - 6:43pm

Hi ,

Just so you know you dont' have to stop pumping in order to get pg.. your body is still o'ing.. even though you are not seeing your period.. you can actually get pg easier while you are pumping then if you weren't..

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Tue, 11-10-2009 - 4:15pm

I just went to 2x/day this past Sunday. I was pretty nervous about it but now I am so glad I did it. I feel so free!!

I was pumping 3x/day every 8 hours. To transition to 2x/day I first started stretching out my pumps to every 9-11 hours. Basically dropping a pump every other day - so I pumped 5x in two days. I did this for 3 weeks. I pumped @ 3am,1pm,11pm,8am,5pm....and then I'd start over.

This helped my bbs slowly adjust so then the big 12 hour stretch was not as much of a shocker when I truly dropped to 2x/day.
On Monday I actually went for 14 hours without pumping - tired of having to pump at work (I work 12 hour shifts, RN). I pumped @ 5:30 am and 7:30 pm. I was SUPER full and lumpy when I got home but everything cleared out just fine.
Today the girls seem happy and are adjusting just fine.

Most days I will go 12 hours. But on work days I will go 14 hours without pumping.

So far so good.

You'll be so happy. Take the plunge!


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