How do you stop??

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How do you stop??
Sun, 07-14-2013 - 11:23pm

Hi all,

I've finally made it to a year and I really want to quit pumping but I can't seem to stop! I have cut down to 2 pumps a day and am supplementing with cows milk already and my baby is doing fine on it. I cut back on pumps probably too early over the year because I was so frustrated with maintaining the pumping schedule, but I made it to 11 months without any supplementation. So now that she's a year and doing ok I want to stop but feel guilty because I didn't get anything stored up in the freezer, so when I'm done she's totally done too. I keep trying to cut back minutes on my pumps but I can't seem to stop squeezing out that last drop! I know that my baby is doing fine and will be ok if I stop, but it's very emotional and I almost start to feel panicky when I think of quitting. But on the other hand I just want to be done with these hour long sessions and to start enjoying a pump free existance! Any words of wisdom on how you got through weaning and were able to just quit? I'm having trouble getting behind my own decision! Thanks ladies, and thanks for being on here, I have been on this board so much this past year reading posts and it has been such a great help, I never would have made it to a year without this board!