Arianna update

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Arianna update
Tue, 12-14-2010 - 6:41pm

Well she is doing good. They took out the PIC line because she got a little infection they are treating with antibiotics. She still has her drain tube in her abdomen but things look like they are healing themselves. They take that out at about 7-10 days then she can go back on the breast milk. They took out her breathing tube again today and are just using the smallest face mask to give extra oxygen. She has gained more weigh she is now 14.70oz. 1.30 oz. shy of 1 pound. They are very happy with how well she is doing. I will take pictures tomorrow evening when I go to the hospital, my hubby should be off work by 6 pm so then we will drive 45 mins. to the hospital and drop of milk and spend time with my girl. I was not able to hold her yet so I will ask again tomorrow, but touching her is great for now. My oldest daughter can't wait till she comes home, and my angel Kierra is looking over her. I got the results back from the testing of the placenta and she did not have a infarct (death) of the placenta that happen to my Kierra. They did see a few knots and placenta was a little small so I meet with the MFM again on 1-11-11 to talk about what happened. They gave me Loestrin 24 birth control pills to take but I can't take them while I'm breast feeding because they can dry up the milk. So we will have to use condoms for now or in a few weeks when we can DTD. Any way MFM will talk about the chance of something like this happening again at our appointment, we are planning in one year to try to get pregnant again if all is OK. I know its way early to talk about getting pregnant again but I miss being pregnant and I want another child to love. Please keep us in your thoughts. And I will update tomorrow with pictures.

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Wed, 12-15-2010 - 11:32am

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