5.5 month terrible night sleeper

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5.5 month terrible night sleeper
Thu, 07-19-2012 - 1:37pm

I have a 5.5 month old son who wakes very often at night. We are in the habit of rocking to sleep. Typically he is in bed between 7:45-8:15 and like clock work wakes 45 minutes after being put down. I have to pick him up and rock in order to get him back to sleep... From that point he is up every 2-3 hours so I BF him as I feel he needs it (still feeds every 3 hours during the day). Once 4am hits he is up every 45 minutes to every hour and sometimes stays awake for up to an hour! Then wakes up anywhere from 6:15-6:30. Im struggling with this sleep schedule as it takes me approximately half an hour to fall back asleep after each wake up! I've read up on CIO but I don't feel it would benefit either of us. For one, LO gets worked up VERY quickly and seems to have more of a sensitive nature and secondly I would not be able to handle it.... Makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about it! Please help! How can I get him to sleep better at night?? Is this a normal occurrence for a baby his age?