Desperate for Nap Help!

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Desperate for Nap Help!
Sun, 03-04-2012 - 10:20am
Hi! I have almost an 8 month old who we "ferberized" for bedtime at about 6 months. As of march 1st I am trying to nap train - up until then she would nap on me while Breastfeeding (awful I know). So what I've been doing is playing some music & rocking her in dim room & she bf. she gets drowsy, I put her down & she is hysterical. I've been leaving her in her crib for 45 min to an hour. 1st attempt is at 9ish, 2nd attempt is around 12:45-1pm & 3rd around 3. She has been hysterical with all 3 attempts. She goes in her crib at 7 pm every night & wakes between 5:45-6ish every morning - I bring her in my bed, she nurses & sometimes falls back to sleep until my son gets up at 6:45. Nap 1 can't be any earlier as I being my son to school & then have to leave at 11:40 to pick him up & we are home again around noon (& she eats solids then). Please help!!! Should I be doing anything different? How long before I see progress! What do I do when she passes out elsewhere (like right now she is asleep in my arms---but at least she's not bf). Pls help

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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 2:06pm
I don't know about ferberizing, but we had nap troubles so I'll tell you what helped us. Dd needed the room really dark. It wasn't super dark for most of her life but all of a sudden at 9 months she just couldn't fall asleep. As soon as we blacked out the window during the day, she started napping much better. The other thing that helped a lot was a naptime routine. Diaper change, sleep sack, story, then nightlight and nursing (same as bedtime, minus the bath). It helped her unwind and relax and signal that she was expected to sleep.
I don't mind nursing her down but this helped me transition her to the crib easier and also helped DH get her to sleep.