Sleep Training: You or Your DH/SO?

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Sleep Training: You or Your DH/SO?
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 1:46pm

Making sure your busy family gets enough sleep (and without all the bedtime drama) is something we all deal with, and the first family is no exception. See Guest Editor Michelle Obama's great stories about how she does it.

In today's video, see why Barack was the Sleep-Trainer-in-Chief before he became Commander-in-Chief!

I thought it was really interesting (but not too surprising!) that Mrs. Obama was unable to listen to her daughter cry so she handed the CIO duties to her husband.  How does it work in your house? Are you able to deal with it better or is your DH/SO the one that steps in?

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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 3:10pm
I'll admit that it was HARD the first week and there was a night or two that I asked my DH to take over while I took a walk. It's so hard listening to baby cry! However, most of the time I took care of bedtime.
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