Tips for Room Sharing?

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Tips for Room Sharing?
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 10:29am

Hi all,

I'm expecting my 2nd child in September and have a one year old at home.  I'm planning to have them share rooms once the new baby is a few months old.  Any tips for successful room sharing?  My biggest concern is that they'll keep one another up and that the baby will wake the toddler often in the middle of the night.  I'd love to hear any/all tips you have for making this successful!  Thank you in advance!

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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 1:12pm
Hi there,

Congrats on expecting baby #2! Room sharing can be tough, I won't lie, but starting early will be helpful (they won't know anything otherwise!). I would suggest getting one of them to bed earlier than the other. If one is asleep when you lay down the other, it may prevent them from keeping one another up. Also, have you thought about a white noise machine? You could start that with your one year old now so that he's used to it when baby arrives. Having that on when both are in the room may help drown out the sound of the baby when/if he/she wakes at night.

Good luck to you! I remember it being pretty rough at first, but stick with it and be consistent and it will fall into place.

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Sun, 10-14-2012 - 4:47am
First of all congrats to you .Room sharing can be difficult .If one is asleep you slowly moves to the room and lay down your another baby in that room.