13 week old, not eating

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13 week old, not eating
Mon, 09-19-2011 - 3:11pm

I have no idea what is going on with my DS. He use to be a very good eater then at 12 weeks he started getting really fussy during his feeds. He will usually eat every 3 hours and if i notice that he is making his hungry motions that I will feed him earlier. I noticed at 11 and 1/2 weeks that if I would feed him when he woke up in the morning that he would be very cranky, push the bottle away and cry until I put him on the floor with some toys. I have accepted the notion that he did not want to eat right away and adjusted to his needs.

Now we have an entirely new issue that started at 12 weeks of age where he cries for every feeding and if I want to get food into him I have to get him to sleep first. If I do get him to eat while he is awake he only eats 2-3 ounces when he was eating 5-6 ounces before. He still gets up at night for a feeding and this seems to be the only good one we have where he doesn't fight eating.

I am at my wits end. I have no idea what is going on. I am getting worried since he doesn't want to eat and then doesn't sleep because he is hungry, but won't eat. I am not sure if this is a growth spurt, teething or something else. I am just very thankful that he does sleep at night still or else I will be one very exhausted mommy. I am also worried that this has something to do with me returning to work early (not by my choice I may add).

Any advice you have would be greatly helpful as I want my happy baby back. sad

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Tue, 09-20-2011 - 10:53am
Hello and welcome to the Taking Care of Baby board! The pediatric experts stop by regularly and they may be able to offer you some advice soon. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Mon, 09-26-2011 - 6:43pm
Is he happy in between feedings? You said bottle, are you using pumped milk or formula? Have you changed anything with either of those?
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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 6:39pm

You’re not alone! We see this scenario more often than you may think. Although there are some recommendations in the amount and frequency of breastmilk and/or formula a baby should receive, there is no doubt every baby has different needs. If your baby has been getting 5-6 ounces and now he is eating less and getting fussy during feedings as you described, he may be experiencing gastroesophageal reflux, which is common in most babies until 6 months of life and may be aggravated with overfeeding. Even if DS is not vomiting or spitting up this may be happening, causing pain during swallowing.