How long does formula powder stay good?

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How long does formula powder stay good?
Mon, 08-08-2011 - 2:11pm

My grandaughter stays with me once or twice a week and I have a can of powder infant formula for her visits. She doesn't take much so we don't use it up fast. I keep it in the cabinet but am wondering if I need to refridgerate it? How long can I keep a can of the powder on hand before it starts to lose it's nutritional value? (She is 7 months old but was 16 weeks premature and is on special formula for premature babies if it makes a difference)

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Wed, 08-10-2011 - 9:42am
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Fri, 08-19-2011 - 12:15pm

An opened can of powdered formula is good for about one month if kept in a cool, dry place. However, an open can of liquid formula is only good for 48 hours and must be kept in the refrigerator during that time.