Nine Good Reasons NOT To Use Baby Rice

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Nine Good Reasons NOT To Use Baby Rice
Wed, 12-07-2011 - 12:31am
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Wed, 12-07-2011 - 10:24am
Totally agree.

My sister, a nutritionist, encouraged us NOT to start DS on any grains, but rather to start with whole fruits and vegetables. Her reason was that the body is still building up the proper enzymes to fully digest more complex carbs so it is good to defer these later.

We offered DS rice cereal as one of the first foods around 6 months and he refused it, repeatedly. Hated it actually. When he did finally decide to try food for real around 7 months, it was apricot and sweet potato that held some interest, not cereal.

We ended up holding off on pretty much all grains, including rice cereal, until he was about 9 months old when he started with some oatmeal that had cinnamon and applesauce mixed in.
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Wed, 12-07-2011 - 10:40am
I totally agree my DD was EBF and never received rice cereal we started with veggies and they're still her favorite. I wish more people would stop doing things just bc someone else does and actually did some research whenever I tell people it has no nutritional value they look at me like I have 5 heads