Baby Feet - Bare or Not

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Baby Feet - Bare or Not
Thu, 01-23-2014 - 5:30pm

There is an entire dispute about the moment when you put the first pair of shoes on the baby's feet. A lot of parents feel like the baby should be barefoot until the moment when he or she starts walking. Still, baby shoes are really sweet and your little one looks great with a pair of trendy shoes, matching his or her outfit.

You can find shoes small enough to fit a newborn. However, putting shoes on a newborn's feet is not necessary. If you want to keep the baby's feet warm, you can use socks or booties. They are much easier to put on and they are very comfortable for the baby. For special occasions, like the baptism of the baby or any other party he or she might attend, a nice pair of shoes is a must. You can find shoes small enough to fit a newborn. All you have to worry about is finding a pair that matches the outfit of your little prince or princess. And, of course, there is the price. There is a bit of a paradox about baby shoes, the price goes up as they get smaller. You have to be ready to spend at least $30 on a pair of elegant baby shoes.

During the first months of the baby's life the shoes are optional. But, once he or she starts to walk, you need to go shopping for baby shoes. When babies start to walk, it's very hard to keep them in one place. You can't leave the house with a seven or eight months baby if you don't have some shoes for the moments when he or she insists to walk. Whether you go out in the park or you go shopping with your baby, you really need a pair of shoes for him or her, even if you don't keep them on baby's feet all the time.

Indoors, you can let the baby walk barefoot or with some socks on. Most babies learn to walk sooner and are more stable on their feet if they spend a lot of time exercising barefoot. However, you shouldn't allow your baby to walk while wearing booties as this type of footwear will make the baby unstable. The conclusion is that you have to start putting shoes on your baby's feet from the moment he or she makes the first attempts of walking.

Getting the right pair of shoes is equally important as the moment when you get the first pair of baby shoes. Baby shoes need to be comfortable, made of materials that allow the skin to breathe, like leather or natural fibers. The sole of the shoes needs to be flexible, but still firm enough to offer some support. You should consider buying baby shoes or boots that come above the ankle - this type of shoes offer stability and support for walking. Also, you need to make sure that the shoes fit perfectly on the baby's feet. If you get an uncomfortable pair of shoes, your baby won't be stimulated to learn how to walk.