Hair Loss After Baby?

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Hair Loss After Baby?
Fri, 03-16-2012 - 11:02am

You know that gorgeous head of hair you rocked while you were pregnant? The mane so glossy and full it would make a Kardashian sister look like she hasn’t seen a deep conditioning in years? Well, many of those strands will jump ship right around the time you're beginning to settle into mommyhood. And no one warns you about just how much hair can fall out or that it can stress out even the most even-keeled mama. To help, we talked to the experts to find out what exactly is going on up top and how you can make the most with what you've got in the meantime.

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Sat, 03-17-2012 - 9:34pm
Oh I had lots of clumps coming out on a daily basis for months. It's amazing that I didn't look bald lol. The real kicker is that it's all growing back grey :-/
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Wed, 04-18-2012 - 12:14pm
Oh my gosh! I'm so glad I'm not alone! My hair falls out by the handfuls lately and it is enough to drive me crazy! My doc assured me it is normal, but man it feels like a lot!