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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 11:00am

Mom to a baby boy? Back away from the binky. ScienceDaily reports a trio of experiments show pacifiers, well, kinda suck when it comes to the emotional development -- particularly learning facial expressions -- of young boys.

The experiments are summed up in a new studyout of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which states that people, regardless of age, take on both expressions and body language of others.


nteresting! Two of my 3 boys used a pacifier until the age of one.  How about your kiddos? Do they use a pacifier?

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Hm. Interesting. Both my kids (girl and boy) used binkies until over 2 (maybe 2.5). Towards the end it was only for sleeping. Binkies can affect the facial muscles if used too long and if the child is allowed to talk around them. I can see how this study relates to that.