Working Mom Guilt?

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Working Mom Guilt?
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 12:23pm

Perhaps your first bout of mommy guilt hit within hours of your delivery or maybe it crept up when you took your first vacation without the kids. Mommy guilt is an inevitable part of parenthood -- just like sleepless nights and dirty diapers. For working moms, it's a tug you may feel every day with nagging questions like: What if I’m not there for her first steps? Should I drive carpool or attend a staff meeting? Whether you work because you want to or because you have to, feeling guilty doesn’t need to be a life sentence. Read on for tips from experts and working moms on how to live on guilt free.

Working Mom Guilt: 18 Smart Ways to Deal With It-

Do you feel guilt about being a working mom?  If so, how do you cope with the guilt?

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