cl-moksha5103 - a favor

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cl-moksha5103 - a favor
Wed, 07-12-2006 - 2:09pm

I'm the CL for the First Year Multiples board and I'm stopping by to ask a favor. I'm doing a discussion about feeding this week and I'm trying to let the MOMs on my board know about some other resources available on ivillage. I'd love to have your help. I've divided the discussion into 3 threads by the way ladies are feeding their twins (bf/pumping, bf/pumping & supplementing with formula, and ff).

I already put a linkto this board so our bf/pumping moms will know about it - and links to other related boards on ivillage. Would you mind coming over and posting too? My thought was that you could introduce yourself, tell a little bit about this board, and invite the ladies to come by anytime that they need help, support