How Supportive is Your Partner?

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How Supportive is Your Partner?
Thu, 09-26-2013 - 8:29am

Even the most involved new fathers can sometimes feel a little lost when it comes to breast-feeding. Men can’t do the job so it hardly seems like their business.

But a study published earlier this week found that new moms who stress out over breast-feeding are more likely to consider throwing in the nursing blanket and switching to formula, despite the reams of evidence that breast-feeding exclusively for six months is best for a baby’s short- and long-term health. Fathers, it turns out, have an important role to play in helping mothers stick to it, despite reluctance to impose any opinions on the matter.

How supportive has your husband/partner been about nursing and/or pumping?  Does your partner support you and encourage you to keep going when you are struggling?

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