Hungry 3 mth old won't take bottle of!

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Hungry 3 mth old won't take bottle of!
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 1:25pm

I started back to work yesterday, and my 12-wk-old daughter refuses to take a bottle of EBM from DH. I could get her to take small amounts from a bottle before I returned to work, but now she won't take a real feeding (>.5 oz) from a bottle.  She's definitely hungry and frustrated (screaming mad). DH has tried multiple bottles, nipples, positions, etc. She took a little from a small cup yesterday, but we don't want that to become her preference since she's so young.

Any advice? We're desperate!

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I think 3 months old baby take your milk .You give only your milk to him or her.
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Glad you joined us!! I know how frustrating it can be when baby isn't taking the bottle. Iris made some good points. I suspect that over the next few days, your baby will start to take the bottle, it just takes some time. I do have a couple links which might help: - Helping a Breastfed Baby Accept a Bottle - Refusing the Bottle / Alternative Feeding Methods
Kellymom - Reverse Cycling

Keep us posted on how the next few days go!

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If she'll drink from the cup go with it! There is nothing wrong with babies at that age drinking from a cup! Have you smelled your milk to see if it smells soapy or weird after being in the fridge? You could hav excess lipase in your milk which is harmless but may make it taste funny. Is having your DH bring her to you to nurse during the day once an option at all? I know that others here will have great advice for you. Its so tough first going back to work! 

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