** July Check In **

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** July Check In **
Fri, 07-07-2006 - 3:35pm

Check in here!

For the newbies - tell us about yourself.

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Fri, 07-07-2006 - 3:38pm

Hi everyone!

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Fri, 07-07-2006 - 9:32pm

As usual, I've been pretty busy lately. We are enjoying our summer though. We are leaving tomorrow morning to go to a surprise party for my SIL. She just finished her last year of OB-GYN residency so we are celebrating. :o) She has a one-year old little girl who she W&P'd for this last year of her residency, so I am really proud of her for doing that!

After the party, we are leaving to go camping in northern Michigan and will be gone through all of next week and returning home next Saturday or Sunday. So, I guess this is good-bye from me for now. :o) I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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Sat, 07-08-2006 - 12:42am


I'm still here, and have officially completed 4 months of W&P on 6th!!! YAY!!!

Anyways, nothing much happening with me... Relatives coming this week, but just a stopover, so will be meeting them for a few hours only...

Mom to Shakhen (12/9/05)
W&P for 4m2d

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Mon, 07-10-2006 - 10:19am


I'm Pamela and I'm new here. I just came back to work last Wednesday and left my 3 month old, Tim, at home with his Dad and big brother Chris (who I W&P for 4 years ago). Work is going well, although it all piled up while I was gone and I'm not sure when it will be done. Tim is taking the bottle well and seems to be not too upset by my absence (more waking up at night to nurse but that's to be expected). Looking forward to getting to know all of you.


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Mon, 07-10-2006 - 5:53pm

My name is Holly. I've been bfing 12 weeks, W&P 4. DS Luke born 4/14, dsd 11 and dss 8. DH and I have been together 4.5 years and married 2.5 years.

I'm the first woman at my workplace to request a pumping room and I got one that isn't fancy but I have the basics: lock, chair, electricity and private bath. THe room is used for storage mostly but at least it has a place to cleanup.
I will probably add a small fridge and table this week as the owners are back and I'm sure they won't mind.

I'm glad to have this board to pass my thoughts through.

Luke 4/14

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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 9:04pm


I have never taken the time to "explore" ivillage, and keep coming across new boards that I didn't know existed...
I went back to work when my twin boys were 2 months old (now 10 months) and still pump 2 or 3 times at work (depending on how long I am there).
DH is the stay at home while I am at work, but he also works part time when I can get off.
I usually pump in our office's library (I'm a biologist) - no lock, but I put a door stop and a few chairs behind the door, a large note covering the "library" sign that says it is occupied, do not disturb, if you need access come back in approx 15 min.
Sometimes I use unoccupied offices when available, they have locks and computers.

I had one coworker ask as I was walking into the library with my in-style pump bag "What are you doing in there, interviewing?"
when my friend overhead this she was cracking up, now we use it for "code"

glad to know this board is here, and will try to check in once in a while!


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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 11:31pm

Hi there,

I'm Rene'


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Fri, 07-14-2006 - 3:13pm

Hello all-

My name is Ferrin and I am w&p for my daughter (4/3/06) who is almost 15 weeks old. I have nearly completed my first week back at work full time. I worked a few days here and there in the past few months, just to keep work from piling up, but Monday was my first day of having my dd in daycare. I had forgotten how hard it was to leave them-I was weepy all day!

I have a ds who just turned 3 (6/25/03) and I w&p for him until he was 13 months-and I came to this board often for support and advice. Now that I am an 'old pro' lol, I just wanted to be able to offer my support and encouragement to the newbies out there. I remember what it was like to have no clue about what I was doing lol.

So far the pumping has been going well, and dd is now taking the bottle-once we figured out that she hates the Avent nipples and will only drink from our single Nuk nipple (too bad Avent bottles/nipples are all we have lol). I have to go shopping this weekend and buy some more bottles and Nuk nipples. But other than that, she has adjusted well and seems to be happy when she sees me. I just wish I didn't miss her so badly...and I am waiting for it to get easier. Which I know it will eventually, it just takes time.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!
Have a good weekend (so glad its Friday!)

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Fri, 07-14-2006 - 11:34pm

Hi - I'm new here too.

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Fri, 07-14-2006 - 11:53pm

Hi Debbi,

Good to see you - it's Rene' from the May board. Juliane is growing so fast. She's already 13 lbs