Jumping back in!

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Jumping back in!
Wed, 01-09-2013 - 11:39am

Hi all! I'm Liz, and I was a member of this board in 2010-2011. I'm now back at work with my second baby and pumping again. :)

Things are much smoother this time. I've got a hospital rental pump and am able to keep up and even get a little extra most days, whereas last time, I consistantly came up several ounces short. We've had some nursing struggles, but things have turned around.

I look forward to getting to know anyone who is still around. :)

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Wed, 01-09-2013 - 2:20pm

Hi Liz,

Welcome back to the Working & Pumping topic!  We are so glad to have you around.  Your BTDT experience is priceless and we hope to see you here often.  :)

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