decreased pumping output/soft boobs

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decreased pumping output/soft boobs
Fri, 12-23-2011 - 3:00pm

Kind of a 2 for 1 post...lately my breasts have been feeling softer and softer.

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Fri, 12-23-2011 - 4:16pm

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Fri, 12-23-2011 - 7:46pm
Yes, and yes to everything Spencer said in the previous post.

I just wanted to add that right around the same time you are at, when my DS was about 5.5 months old, my supply regulated for the first time and I freaked out. I went and saw an IBCLC for the first time since I left the hospital and she told me it was totally normal. She also said that this period of adjustment was the most common time for her to get calls from moms other than right at the very beginning.

You are doing great! I don't think there is anything to worry about.