Has anyone tried Pumpin Pal?

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Has anyone tried Pumpin Pal?
Thu, 07-04-2013 - 1:42pm

I'm an adoptive mom who breastfed my kids, and now do what I can to help out new moms.  Almost everyone chooses to pump in advance.  Most do OK, but some have a hard time because pumping hurts, even after they have turned down the suction and decreased the length of their session, lubed their breasts, and that kind of thing. Several will get a blue area around the nipple, after a few minutes, which makes them high risk for fissures. I feel for them, because pumping always hurt me, no matter what I did!

I've been wondering about Pumpin Pal Super Shields.  http://www.pumpinpal.com/index.htm  Had anyone tried them?  I don't know if they are soft, like the flanges on some of the new pumps available now, or if it is just the different shape that is supposed to make them more comfortable. I'd love to get some feedback on them!