Mastitis 101

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Mastitis 101
Wed, 02-20-2013 - 12:25pm

As a new mama, you probably thought breastfeeding might be hard -- and even painful at times. But lumps, a burning sensation and a fever? That might be the breast infection mastitis. Here's what you need to know about this common condition.

Mastitis 101: Everything Breastfeeding Mamas Need to Know to Feel Better Fast-

Mastitis can be miserable!  Have you dealt with it since you've been breastfeeding/pumping?

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 1:47pm

I did not have mastitis, but my cousin did.  She had a terrible case and ended up hospitalized to receive the IV antibiotics necessary to clear her infection.  I just wanted to say that this can be very serious, so if you are ever in doubt, please contact your doctor.  Better to be safe than sorry, and take really good care of yourself.