# of pumping sessions...opinions please

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# of pumping sessions...opinions please
Thu, 01-28-2010 - 12:41am

I will be beginning a FT contract position which will go from February 15th till the end of June so I will be pumping at work for my daughter who was born November 21, 2009. My absolute musts re working and pumping are that I do not want to have to supplement with formula at a later date due to insufficient pumping during the contract period. Now having said that.....

I guess I am what you would call a "high volume" pumper. I have worked and pumped for contracts for my other two infant girls in the past and generally in 3 pumping sessions (2 of about 10 minutes and 1 a bit longer....maybe 15 minutes) I would get about 20 ounces per day. Generally 8-12 ounces in the first session and then around 4 ounces in each of the other two sessions of the day with double pumping both sides.

Of course my older girls never really liked bottles so their daily needs were about 4-6 ounces per day so I ended up with a huge freezer stash which eventually ended up being thrown out...with Niamh I threw out over 600 ounces and with Isla about 300 because she ate slightly more than Niamh once she got with the program (she would eat if you sat her in her carseat, facing away from you and only if you held the bottle in such a way that she couldn't feel your hand or see your face...and that took almost 2 months for my MIL to figure out but I digress).

Anyway I have to pump on my breaks and lunch and while I do it willingly it is very isolating quite frankly. I am wondering if I could get away with pumping only on my two breaks (I will be working evenings once training is over so I was thinking 5:30 and 9:30pm -- my shift starts at 3:30pm and finishes at 11:30pm).

During the six weeks of training I would pump 3x a day just to verify that I am indeed still a high volume pumper (since I guess conceivably that could have changed though it doesn't appear to have in the times that I have pumped for my part-time job) and then I would go to the modified schedule once I went to night shift (training is day shift).

Does that sound reasonable or do you think I would be setting myself up for problems later on? I am thinking that she only really eats a couple of times in the evening anyway at this point since she generally goes to sleep around 9pm and sleeps until around 2am so she would only be eating a couple of times before she goes to sleep anyway.

Opinions would be appreciated!

Steph~momma to Rhys, Niamh, Isla and Deirdre

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Rhys, Niamh, Isla and Deirdre!

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Thu, 01-28-2010 - 10:49am

First off, if you've always had good pump output, you should be in good shape.

*SPENCER* happy Mami of two precious princesses!