Work trip...

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Work trip...
Thu, 03-25-2010 - 12:34am

So my manager has a conference he wants me and 2 colleagues to attend for 1 week in April (one month away) I have a pump to take with me, but this feels like its WAY too long to be away from my LO.

I am seriously considering taking her with me (along with my husband). I would leave Monday morning, return Friday evening. I don't want to stop BF'ing just yet!

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am not sure I can take DH + DD, or that I can shorten the trip....cancelling altogether probably isn't advisable either. Can I pump the whole 5 days? Also, I'll be at a big trade there may not be a place other than the ladies room to go pump....seriously, any suggestions are welcomed

My current schedule for pumping maybe could be increased to drive up the stash (Which currently wouldn't sustain her for 5 24-hr days)...but I'd need help on this too. Currently, I pump about 3-5 oz 2-3 times a day at work, with an occasional pump right before I leave for work of 4-6 oz. I am only pumping for 5-8 minutes each session, its meeting demand but not putting a lot away.

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Thu, 03-25-2010 - 7:22am

If you are able to take DH and DD with you, that would be the ideal.

*SPENCER* happy Mami of two precious princesses! 


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Fri, 03-26-2010 - 1:02am
Thanks Spencer! Scarlett is 4.5 mos...she'll be one week shy of 6 mos when I have to leave for this trip. Its going to be tough. I might have to just bite the bullet and buy an extra plane ticket. Not only can I not imagine leaving her....but I just dont know how I'm going to manage to get all the milk shipped back. I'll dig around for the older posts...thanks for the encouragement!

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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 2:00pm


I am also going to a conference for a workweek in April, and it's my first time apart from my son but he is 2. For this, I am not bringing him with me.

When I had to attend a conference last year, I did take my child and my husband with me! Given the age of your baby, I would really try to do this. A nursing baby is more efficient than a pump, and it could be a comfort to know you are there to give her milk directly instead of trying to pump like crazy round the clock keeping up your supply.

In my experience, it was hectic! It definitely took away from the full experience of being at a conference BUT I was glad I tried it and did it! I got most of the conference experience but didn't have to have overnights apart from my LO or the stress about milk.

I also recommend considering shortening it by a day IF that works for you--maybe the first or last days are not as crucial to your personal work needs or something like that.
I shortened my coming trip by a day and it made me feel better somehow :-)

Whether you bring the child or not, is the hotel near the conference site? Maybe you can sneak up to the room to nurse or pump during the daytime?

If you cannot bring your LO, you can absolutely pump all 5 days, but I'd recommend trying to pump a little more often than your baby would feed ,to keep your supply up.

Can you pump in your hotel room? In a rental car with a large blanket covering you?
I have pumped in a public restroom when I was on jury duty. Honestly I cannot remember if I used that milk or just pump for supply. Not one of my favorite memories, but I went in there, started pumping and shut my eyes to imagine my baby. If someone came in, I just kept the rythm instead of starting and stopping, it sounded pretty quiet and I think the noise just sounded like background noise. Crazy, I know!

If you want to increase your stash, I would suggest waking up 20 minute earlier and pumping first thing in the early a.m. before even your first nursing. This used to be my best output!
Also I'd get home from work, pump, THEN nurse. The baby can always empty your breasts after a pump, there will be more milk in there even after you've pumped "every drop",really!
Doing this for a week will really bump your stashed supply and overall production!

I'd also say pump until you cannot get any more milk out, and 30 seconds beyond. rather than going by the clock.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!