Combo Inhalers Could Lessen Asthma Attacks

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Combo Inhalers Could Lessen Asthma Attacks
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 5:40pm

Researchers found that patients with moderate to severe asthma had fewer attacks and hospital visits by using a combination inhaler: 

Patients with moderate to severe asthma who used a combination inhaler had fewer attacks than those on two separate inhalers, researchers report. Both studies tested the so-called SMART (single maintenance and reliever therapy) protocol.

"The SMART regime was more effective as a treatment for asthma than the conventional treatment, where you just use a inhaler at a fixed maintenance dose and a short-acting inhaler for the relief of symptoms," said Dr. Richard Beasley, director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand in Wellington and lead researcher of one of the studies.

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They also found that concerns with overdosing on corticoteroids should not be a concern, since less is used overall because of the decrease in attacks. 

What do you think about these studies?  Do you think a combo inhaler would be a good fit for your child?