Genetic Test Could Predict Lifelong Asthma Risk

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Genetic Test Could Predict Lifelong Asthma Risk
Tue, 07-02-2013 - 3:41pm

A new genetic test could predict which children could have asthma symptoms that they do not outgrew, and it's more accurate than relying on family history which plays no correlation in the risk: 

That means that doctors may need to expand the criteria they use to assess asthma risk to include measures such as genetic factors, which may be more predictive of future disease than family history. “What we are discovering in GWAS and doing molecular studies of asthma, is giving us new information over and above the old fashioned way we used to evaluate the genetic risk for asthma and still are in the clinic, which is to take family histories,” says study author Dan Belsky, a postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University. “I think that we are seeing more and more genomic medicine as time goes on. It is really coming into play in cancer medicine. It is not yet there in the treatment of asthma, but I think it will be coming. This study shows some of what may be possible.”

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