How Nut Allergies Can Affect Your Teen

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How Nut Allergies Can Affect Your Teen
Fri, 09-27-2013 - 1:35pm

I thought this was an interesting perspective on how food allergies can affect your teen's life as they get older: 

Food allergies suck to begin with. And when it comes to first kisses, allergies make things awkward and complicated. I have spent most of my life since high school with one boyfriend or another. Part of that is just personal preference; and part of it’s luck. But I also sometimes wonder if my nut allergy hasn’t made me more monogamous. It just feels safer that way.

My friends have joked that for me making out with a boy means risking my life. They’re not wrong. A 15-year-old Canadian girl died in 2010 after kissing her boyfriend who had forgotten he’d eaten peanut butter earlier that day. Doctors say that allergens can be transferred through kissing and even through sexual intercourse. I know all this, but to spare myself social awkwardness I often avoid mentioning my allergy. I have never stopped a boy about to kiss me to explain to him my situation. Not even after my first real date ended with me in the hospital.

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Has you discussed this type of issue with your child?