Navigating Food Allergies

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Navigating Food Allergies
Mon, 10-14-2013 - 3:23pm

I'm sure that most parents of a child with food allergy can relate to the following scenario: 

While most guests at a family wedding last weekend were shmoozing with each other, Anne Seymour made her way to the kitchen. The Maryland mother of three has a child with severe food allergies, so she and her husband went to find out what was in what.

"What's the big deal?" an aunt asked about their food patrol efforts. "The big deal," she replied, "is that we end up at the hospital" – should eggs or tree nuts wind up on or near their daughter's plate.

When it comes to educating and convincing others about the imperatives that accompany food allergies, "it is constantly an uphill battle," Seymour says. People may get vigilance around certain nut allergies, she says, but beyond that, "it's a hard concept for them to understand."

Read more, including suggestions on how to protect your child, at:

Have you run into this type of issue where people don't understand the full scope of your child's food allergy?