Sucking on Your Baby's Paci Can Prevent Allergies?

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Sucking on Your Baby's Paci Can Prevent Allergies?
Wed, 05-15-2013 - 4:15pm

What do you think about this study out of Sweden?   It suggests that parents should lick their baby's pacifier before they give it to them to transfer bacteria in the hopes that it will prevent later allergies: 

Although that may sound disgusting or even risky to some, researchers found that the transfer of oral bacteria from adults to infants seems to help train the immune system to ignore germs that don't pose a threat.

"The immune system's purpose is to differentiate between harmless and harmful," said Dr. Ron Ferdman, a pediatric allergist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. "If your immune system is not presented with enough microbes, it just defaults to doing harmful attacks against things that are not harmful, like food, cat dander or dust mites."

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While the logic behind the theory makes sense, I think you can get the same benefits from not being overly diligent about keeping germs away from your baby.  What do you think?