Is your child on a gluten free diet?

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Is your child on a gluten free diet?
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 3:31pm

Here is an interesting piece from Huffington Post about whether people really need a gluten free diet or not:

They talk about how even if you do not have celiac disease, that for some people a gluten free diet can improve other health issues they are having.  I know parents that have put their kids on a gluten free diet to see if it helps with behavior issues they have, and they have seen some improvements.  Doctors worry that a person could be missing out on nutritional values, which is something to be concerned about.

They also worried that people could end up eating less healthfully. A gluten-free muffin generally contains less fiber than a wheat-based one and still offers the same nutritional dangers — fat and sugar. Gluten-free foods are also less likely to be fortified with vitamins.

How do you make sure that your child is getting all their nutritional needs met?

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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 4:01pm

Saw this on the front page and decided to pop in.  We are ones that switched over to a mostly gluten free diet for my middle DD's behavioral issues.  I think the biggest thing for us was when we got rid of stuff with gluten, we picked up more healthy things in general to eat.  We have substituted some grains with gluten-free alternatives such as gluten free rolled oats and quinoa in place of rice.  Instead of pasta we do spaghetti squash and for lasagna we do zucchini or eggplant instead of the lasagna.  So even though she, or the family in general, may be missind fiber from bread, they are gaining much more than before from the increase in fruits and veggies we are eating, as well the vitamins and minerals.