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More mom
Fri, 03-16-2012 - 10:25am

She has a tumor on her brain. Her dr. ordered a CT scan which showed a mass, which had her referred straight to ER, which had her admitted to ICU. She isn't "sick" but apparently neurosurgery always wants their patients in ICU. She will be in until surgery sometime next week. The tumor is pressing on her brain, causing swelling which they are working to get down before surgery. It is most likely benign but they won't know until surgery.

I am hopeful. If it is what they think from the CT and MRI, it is operable, and removing it will likely take care of her symptoms and her memory loss/personality changes will resolve. But for now, we wait.

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 3:37pm
Oh no, I hope that surgery is able to get all of it. Sending her and you lots of P&PTs, please keep us posted on how she's doing.