Progress in CF Research

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Progress in CF Research
Thu, 02-07-2013 - 4:42pm

My friend shared the following link on Facebook.  From what he said, I'm assuming that their new son also has CF (their daughter is just over a year was diagnosed shortly after birth).  I've mentioned her on here before, and was saddened to see that they are facing the same with the baby.  This video from the North American CF Conference does give you a lot of hope, though, on how far they've come with CF research:

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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 3:29pm

I am always blown away by how far things have come. Sarah will turn 10 next week. 30 years ago, she would likely not have lived this long. Is that good enough? No way! But the strides in research and treatment have been miraculous, IMO.

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Thu, 02-14-2013 - 5:10pm
I totally agree...not good enough. I am so hopefully though that Emily will be able to live a long life. I figure since she is doing so great she can make it to at least 50. I'm pretty sure the VX-770 and VX-809 combo trial is going to start soon in children. Hopefully that will work!